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SSL Certificates - Strongest Encryption

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SSL (Secure Sockets Layer) is the standard security protocol for establishing encrypted communication between a web server and a client(browser). This cryptographic protocol ensures that privacy, authentication, and integrity to Internet communications, and all data shared between the web server and browsers(clients) remain private and integral.

SSL is the predecessor to the modern TLS(Transport Layer Security) encryption used today.

How it secure your website?

SSL also stops certain kinds of cyberattacks, It authenticates web servers.

Certificate authorities (CA) are responsible for issuing SSL certificates.

SSL keeps confidential information such as social security numbers, credit card numbers, or login credentials to be transmitted securely.
Without SSL, data shared between clients and servers is sent in plain text–which makes it really easy to be intercepted. Anyone able to intercept the data stream will have unlimited access to plain text. With SSL in place, data is encrypted – even if intercepted can only see a scrambled mess of characters. A web server requires an SSL Certificate.

Why Do We Need SSL?

Especially for e-commerce websites, SSL is very important where users need to submit payments, sign in, and personal information while purchasing products.

Data integrity
Better SEO with SSL
Google Preference
Trust worthy website
"A website that implements SSL/TLS has "HTTPS" in its URL instead of "HTTP." "


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